Cruise ship passengers return to Virginia to find cars broken into

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Those who took a sea cruise returned to Norfolk on Friday to find some of their cars had been broken into.

Several cruisers contacted WAVY-TV on Friday afternoon to say their car had been broken into while they were leaving for a six-day Bahamas cruise on the Carnival Magic.

They spent several days in the Bahamas, including stops in Nassau and Half Moon Cay, before returning to Nauticus and taking the bus to the Cedar Grove Lot on Monticello Avenue.

It was then that they discovered that their car windows had been smashed and personal items had been searched.

Seargent Pickering of Norfolk Police confirmed there were four thefts from this lot between Sunday June 5 and Saturday June 11. The lot is owned by the city, but security is provided by an outside provider.

Magic passenger Katheryn Smith returns to Norfolk on Friday morning to find a madhouse in the parking lot. When she got to her car, she found one of the windows smashed. The items she left inside, including money and keys, were taken away.

She said she was shocked by the whole experience.

“I gave these people custody of my vehicle,” she told 10 On Your Side. “You know, I expected to get in my vehicle and go home, but it was like a circus. It was really nothing like I had ever thought.

When asked, Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer released the following statement:

“The Cedar Grove parking lot is the designated parking lot for Carnival Cruise Ship cruises that begin at the Half Moone Terminal. We provide 24 hour roving security to the lot through our contracted security provider. So we don’t know how these burglaries could happen and we are investigating. All affected passengers should contact the Norfolk City Attorney’s Office at (757) 664-4529 to file a claim.

gGoing forward, we are working with the NDP and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office to supplement field security services. Additionally, we are planning to install a security camera for the grounds. »

In a Facebook comment, John Heald, Senior Director of Cruises and Carnival Cruise Brand Ambassador, said:

I’m so sorry, I’m afraid to say you’re not the only one. I have to say also that I’m afraid that we don’t run or managee or have anything specifically to do with this parking lot. This is just a recommendation, and unfortunately I’m afraid you’ll have to go through your insurance on this. I’m very sorry, I’m afraid we can’t do anything specific, but rest assured that I have spoken with the highest authorities in my office, and they are now speaking to the people who manage the port and the car parks. I’m so sorry, and I really hope you had a wonderful time.

Those who have had their vehicle broken into should contact the Norfolk City Attorney’s Office at (757) 664-4529.

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