Crew transfer vessel designed by Incat Crowther under



Australian ship designer Incat Crowther said on Friday that China’s first purpose-built catamaran crew transfer vessel was under construction at AFAI’s southern shipyard.

Operated by Goldsea Marine & Offshore Engineering (Shanghai) Co Ltd, the vessel will support China’s offshore wind farm industry.

“The Incat Crowther 32 will represent a sea change in vessel capacity in the region, providing stability, performance and functionality unmatched by vessels currently serving the industry,” said Incat Crowther.

According to Incat Crowther, the ship’s design is based on a semi-SWATH platform, which provides stability in heavy seas and a comfortable ride for the staff.

Incat Crowther claims that its Resilient Bow technology minimizes impact loads when landing boats with wind turbines and reduces acceleration on board. This, combined with the high traction of the bollard, will provide a transfer wave height of over 2m.

“The vessel will be powered by variable-pitch propellers offering excellent fuel economy and 20 tonnes of pulling power. Comfort is further enhanced by a resiliently mounted cabin and the installation of suspension seats for 12 technicians. The main deck has four single cabins, two bathrooms, a locker and cloakroom, and a storage area for lifting bags. There is also a refreshment area and an adjacent sofa, ”Incat Crowther said.

“The upper deck has two single cabins, a bathroom and pantry and mess room. The wheelhouse is elevated, providing excellent bow visibility, including with containers on deck,” the company added.

Below decks are a workshop and laundry room, storage space and a laundry room.

The vessel will be powered by two MAN D2862LE466 main engines, each producing 1,029 kW, driving variable-pitch propellers. The vessel will have a service speed of 20 knots, with a maximum speed of over 25 knots.Credit: Incat Crowther


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