Creditspring launches new credit-building product to help people, plus free counseling services and interest-free loans

Credit Spring

London, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Creditspring, a leading UK-based FCA-regulated consumer credit provider, is on a mission to help over a million people improve their financial stability and resilience so they can focus on the important things in life.

As part of this mission, Creditspring has launched a new credit building product called Step, designed for those who have patches in their credit history or no credit history. Step is giving more people the opportunity to build their credit responsibly with a fixed-fee financing subscription, eliminating the risk of spiraling debt. To reduce consumer reliance on loans, Creditspring’s goal is to remove financial barriers, simplify an industry that many consumers find complex and confusing, and give people the tools and guidance they need. to build credit, understand their finances and make informed decisions.

Creditspring allows UK consumers to sign up for free and use a number of invaluable services, with additional services and personalized financial support available. One of these additional services is Step, their new package for those with bad credit history.

Below we outline how you can build your credit with the Creditspring initiative:

Promoting healthier finances through a free service called Creditspring Stability Hub

Creditspring has created the Creditspring Stability Hub. The hub is free to join and acts as an education and support resource, helping people achieve financial stability before taking out loans or lines of credit.

Within the hub, members can benefit from monthly financial health checks, personalized coaching to manage, save and earn money, and discover a range of additional credit-building services such as interest-free loans.

All of the features and services that make up the Creditspring Stability Hub were carefully created by their in-house team, including one of the world’s most renowned economists, a successful fintech founder, and many successful finance professionals. This initiative helps UK consumers avoid unnecessary borrowing, take control of their finances and receive personalized support to build credit.

Flexible short-term loans with no hidden fees and no interest

Creditspring’s short-term lending model is directly informed by extensive research and feedback from UK consumers. They found that many people find overdrafts confusing, credit cards too risky and payday loans too expensive. Many have suggested that these financial options often exacerbate debt rather than help resolve

Members have access to two interest-free loans per year. These loans help people avoid last-minute and expensive borrowing, giving them access to an affordable financial boost when needed and peace of mind when they don’t. With a representative. 87.5% APR, made up of just a flat-fee monthly subscription, Creditspring’s Step product ensures members will never pay more than £60 for their two interest-free loans, regardless of any late or early payments .

Short-term, interest-free loans are a smarter, better way to manage unexpected expenses, backed by invaluable tips and advice on money management and credit building through the Creditspring Stability Hub.

How to use Creditspring

If you’re concerned about overdrafts, credit cards, or payday loans, and want to reduce your reliance on these financial services, joining Creditspring could be the answer.

UK consumers can register for free today. By becoming a member, you are joining a service that has already helped over 100,000 members build their credit.

Obtaining credit shouldn’t be as complex as the industry makes it, and consumers should be helped to make informed financial decisions. By using the initiative’s free services, consumers can build the life they want with the credit they deserve, staying in control of their finances and taking steps to improve financial stability.

More information

Creditspring was designed based on feedback from thousands of people across the UK who are tired of existing credit products and solutions. By offering flexible loans with no hidden fees or interest, Creditspring is taking steps to tackle the widespread problems associated with lack of savings and risky credit in the UK. Start building your credit and borrow what you need through the Creditspring website:

Creditspring Release New Credit Building Product to Help People alongside Free Advice Services and No Interest Loans

CONTACT: Creditspring 332 Ladbroke Grove, Cowbit London W10 5AD United Kingdom 0203 870 3332

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