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Cordelia Cruises aims to start operations from September 2021, the cruise line said in a press release. Cordelia said it offers new routes and a renewed emphasis on safety, comfort and convenience.

The first crossing is scheduled from Dubai to Mumbai via Oman on September 2. Cruises are also available to Goa, Lakshadweep, Diu, Kochi and Sri Lanka. Reservations for the 2021-22 crossings are now open, according to the press release.

All standard health and safety protocols are implemented on board and in ports, Cordelia wrote.

Cordelia said she was working closely with the Indian government and health authorities to implement her Healthy Waves COVID-19 protection program.

It comes as Cordelia’s first cruise was canceled by India’s second wave of coronavirus. The team now feels cautiously optimistic about the possibility of free travel again.

“The second wave led to the cancellation of our initial sailing plans but we were equipped to deal with such demands. Our team is in contact with clients who have booked with us, and we regularly check their health status and vaccinations. Safety is the most crucial word in travel today, ”said Jurgen Bailom, CEO and Chairman of Waterways Leisure Tourism Private Limited, who also added that the response from guests to the new routes has been“ overwhelming and extremely encouraging. “.

Cordelia stressed that the timeline is in sync with that of the international cruise industry, which is making a gradual comeback.

Cordelia also said she has implemented all standard pandemic protocols for her crew and guests. This includes:

• Crew members are fully vaccinated

• Daily health checks for crew members

• Hourly disinfection of facilities

• Air filtration and social distancing standards

• Number of guests limited according to the official mandate of the government.

• Special services team in charge of the safety and health of the elderly and children

• Prerequisites for pre-boarding tests and vaccination for guests being developed outside of full pre-trip checks

• Well-spaced waiting areas, disinfection stations

• Contactless and online facilities for check-in, boarding, etc.

• Digital menus compatible with QR code

• Fully functional medical center on board the cruise equipped with all essential medical items

• Equipped to handle medical emergencies, if required

“The enhanced experience we offer sets us apart from all other vacations. From embarkation to disembarkation, our unrivaled services will be the highlight of our clients. We will offer international experiences with the warmth of Indian hospitality. Whether it is accommodation, food or entertainment, every experience will be unique and ‘wow’ our customers will discover a new destination every day, ”said Bailom.

Cordelia also pointed out that she has a fully online, end-to-end booking system designed for the convenience of booking all age groups. Customers can also contact their contact center travel experts for assistance with booking.

According to the press release, Cordelia has also partnered with the Apollo Group for its food and drink offerings. Food on board Cordelia includes various cuisines and flavors. Some of the highlights include:

• A blend of flavors from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Mumbai to Kolkata at Essence of India

• homemade pasta, burgers and pizzas at the International Grill

• kebabs and bread at Hot Clay Tandoor

• Dedicated Jain cooking service for customers to enjoy traditional Jain dishes

• Indian recipes at Vegetarian Bang

• Presentation of a house-style thali restaurant on board

• a variety of comforting hot soups, subs and buns at Kettle & Bunn

• From classic Indian sweets to specialty cakes and pastries at “Sugar N Spice”


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