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Jonathan Bennett. Photo credit: Allister Foster, Crown Media

On Tuesday, October 12, “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos.

As National Pork Month and National Average Girls Month fall in October, the National Pork Board has partnered with Bennett to create a “On Wednesday, we cook pork” social media series. “It’s going really well,” he said.

“To celebrate National Pork Month and National Naughty Girls Month, I partnered up with the National Pork Board and recreated some of the recipes from the ‘Burn Cookbook’ using pork and creating new flavors that I didn’t know. had never done before in my book. It’s exciting because so many people don’t realize how good pork is and how versatile it is to cook, ”he said.

“Adding pork to our Fettuccine Alfredo adds such a huge flavor profile that I didn’t expect to have in my book. It surprised me how good it is and how much it changes all of our recipes. It was really cool, ”he added.

The series airs every Wednesday in October on Jonathan’s social media and the National Pork Board. And, in each episode, Jonathan will be joined by guest cooks Carnie Wilson and Joey Lawrence. To discover the episode, click here.

In the ’80s and’ 90s, the Pork Board ran an ad… “Pork, the other white meat”. As a result, Americans cooked pork until it turned chewy, tasteless, and white. “For years we’ve been told that pork is the other white meat, but it’s not, it should actually be cooked pink at 145 degrees, that’s when you get the juiciness and taste that we all love, ”he said.

We hope to teach a new generation of pork lovers that the perfect shade of pork when cooked properly is powder pink. All recipes are adapted from Jonathan’s “Burn Cookbook: The Unofficial Cookbook for Mean Girls Fans”. Why Carnie and Joey? While some things (like “Pork, The Other White Meat”) are a thing of the past… Carnie Wilson and JoeyLawrence are still treasures today 20 years later.

‘Bad girls’

While on ‘Mean Girls’ he said: “It was one of the highest honors in the world. Working with such a talented cast has been one of the highlights of my life. I am so blessed and grateful 17 years later, because everyone is even more ‘Mean Girls’ fan than ever before. “

“It has stood the test of time and ‘Mean Girls’ was such a fun project to participate in,” he added. “Here we cook pork on Wednesdays to celebrate a parody cookbook, the Burn Cookbook, which is a ‘Mean Girls’ parody.”

“The Christmas house”

He also enjoyed being a part of “The Christmas House,” which was Hallmark’s first LGBTQ holiday film. “The fact that we were able to film this movie was such an adventure,” he said. “It was so much fun to be involved. We made history by being the first Hallmark LGBTQ vacation movie.”

“All of those things were fantastic, and the fact that they let us come back and do another one and make it even bigger and funnier than the first one is so great. The second movie is going to be such a great movie. be a lot deeper and a lot funnier than the first one was, ”he added.

Work with Sharon Lawrence

Working with Sharon Lawrence on “The Christmas House,” Bennett said, “Sharon is a TV legend. I’m obsessed with her. I’ve had a few one-on-one scenes with her and thanks to those- I became a better actor, any scene you have with Sharon Lawrence makes you a better actor, it was just perfect.

“Home and family”

Bennett was thrilled to be featured on “Home & Family,” where he was interviewed by Emmy-nominated hosts Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopoulos. “I’ve known Cameron since ‘All My Children’, we go back to 2001. Cameron is such a classy number, it’s a dream, and Debbie is awesome and crazy.”

The digital age

As an actor in the digital age, Bennett said, “It’s difficult because social media is such an important part of everything now. Balancing social media with being an actor becomes difficult. It’s a never-ending cycle.


Regarding his daily motivations, he said: “I am motivated by my fiance, Jaymes Vaughan, our dog Brad, and all the work that we do for the LGBTQ community, especially the wedding industry, and the visibility that we give. youth. versions of ourselves that never got to see what a happy, healthy gay couple looks like growing up. “

“We are not ambitious love, we are just regular love. We don’t live crazy lives. We’re just a regular couple who just happen to have a huge rig. The fact that we can use our love story to inspire others is really what wakes us up every day and it gives us the motivation to keep going, ”he added.

Advice to aspirants who wish to become an actor

For young and aspiring actors, he jokingly said, “Don’t do it.” “If you can think of anything else you’d rather do, go ahead and play it as a hobby. Acting is the most brutal business you will ever get into, but if you still want to do it then you should go, ”he said.

He listed Ryan Reynolds and RuPaul as his dream acting partners in the business. “I would love to do anything with Ryan Reynolds,” he said.

Career defining moments

Of his defining moments in his career, he said: “The decision to live my authentic self, like being in love with my boyfriend Jaymes at the time, who is now my fiancé. My choice to post a photo on social media saying ‘I love this guy’ sparked a chain reaction of telling so many people my truth that it has helped so many.

“What I thought was the worst thing people could find out about me for so long turned out to be the best thing I have ever done,” he added.

The upcoming wedding

Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, he said: “Marriage”. “We’re getting married next year, so right now I’m planning a wedding and getting married at Unico Resort in the spring of 2022,” he shared.

“We are delighted that our families are finally meeting for the first time as they haven’t met due to COVID,” he added.

OUTbound trip

He spoke about their gay travel agency OUTbound Travel. “It’s an LGBTQ travel adventure business,” he said.

“We pick up ships and resorts, charter them and turn them into outbound experiences for our LGBTQ family to come and offer them a safe place to travel the world together, build friendship and family, and check their bucket list. . It’s a great company, we are the anti-circuit party gay cruise. We have little intimate experiences with about 200 people who can really make friendships and bond, ”he explained.

It includes all-inclusive LGBTQ cruises, shore excursions, and vacations. To learn more about OUTbound Travel, visit its official website.

Bennett defined the word success as opening doors for the less fortunate. “Ten years ago, success for me was when I could walk into a Trader Joe’s and buy whatever I wanted without having to look at the price. It was a success for me at the time, and I was so wrong. It’s not about money or fame, success opens doors that can’t open them on their own and leaves them open for the next generation to walk through, ”he explained.

For his fans, he concluded with a quote from “Mean Girls,” “Stop trying to make ‘go get’ it won’t happen.”

“Also, stop making white pork, we want to cook pink pork because that’s where you get all the flavor,” he added.

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