Character from Miami, you are based on your zodiac sign

Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Proctor) is arguably the most cheerful member of the CSI team, but her outward personality camouflages her inner strength and courage. Blonde from Louisiana, Calleigh is a bright and cheerful southern bell. She is a firm believer in karma and the idea of ​​good and evil, adopting a constantly optimistic attitude. Charming when needed and serious when the business calls for it, Calleigh possesses a deadly combination of charm and wit.

Despite her apparent simplicity, Calleigh is actually a fascinating person, and the star sign she most aligns with is Leo (July 23 to August 22). Passionate fire signs, Leos are said to be filled with warmth and creativity. Often stereotyped as conceited and dramatic, Leos are driven by a need for admiration and respect for their peers, but they can also be entertaining, generous, and warm. And they’re certainly not afraid to stand out and showcase their bright personalities.

Because she is blonde, southern, and looks sweet and harmless, Calleigh is routinely underestimated by those around her. Rather than letting this anger her, Calleigh uses these assumptions to her advantage, easily tricking suspects into saying things they shouldn’t. It’s not that Calleigh’s sweetness is just an act – she really is a kind and cheerful person – but rather that she is both sweet and very shrewd. She’s not particularly vain or extravagant like some of her Leo brothers, but her magnetic personality lights up the lion within.

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