Celebrity Cruises Cancels ECLIPSE Alaska Sailing – Due To Marine Life Attached To Ships’ Hulls

The cruise industry sometimes seems to be its own worst enemy and Celebrity Cruises is once again a shining example the company just had to cancel an additional cruise for the Celebrity Eclipse.

This time, the reason for the cancellations is rather exotic because marine life attached to the hull of the ship as the Eclipse was only lingering and has accumulated so much that it is now dragging the ship, forcing it to slow down.

On top of that, the ship is not allowed to navigate many sensitive ecosystems in upper Alaska, bringing with it marine life from the south, like California and Mexico, where the ship is floating, doing nothing. for months.

Celebrity noticed this issue earlier – a week before the Eclipse begins its season in Alaska from Vancouver. The Pacific Coastal sailing the Eclipse was supposed to kick off the season with has also been canceled since early January (I had booked for that one). And now this.

The email sent to reserved guests states:

Due to recent marine growth that has developed on the hull of the vessel (a natural process you may know as barnacle growth), and our commitment to following local environmental procedures, we place the Celebrity Eclipse in dry dock for 7 days to responsibly secure and clean the hull. …

What Celebrity is doing now is that the ECLIPSE sail with a modified itinerary on May 15 departing from Vancouver as scheduled, but due to reduced speed, all ports of call will have modified (shorter) stays:

The ship is experiencing slower than normal speeds, and we have to accommodate this in our call schedules. This will result in a reduction in time spent in all ports of call. many of our shore excursions have been affected and rescheduled or cancelled.

All affected passengers will receive a $100 onboard credit to their ship accounts to compensate for the significantly reduced port time which in some cases, such as Sitka, has been cut by more than half.

Guests are now faced with the following:

  • Tue 05/17 – Sitka – New port times: 2:15 p.m. – 6 p.m. [previously 11 am to 8:30 pm]
  • Wed 18/05 – Hubbard Glacier – New hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. [previously 9:30 am to 2:30 pm]
  • Thu 19/05 – Juneau – New port times: 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. [previously 7:30am to 8 pm]
  • Fri, 5/20 – Ketchikan – New port times: 2pm-5pm [previously 2:00pm-8:30 pm]

The Sitka port modification is really bad. The Hubbard Glacier is also sad to see it cut so much. Juneau and Ketchikan…well, I guess there isn’t much loss there, but that eats away at the excursion schedule.

However, the second cruise which was scheduled to take place on May 22 will be canceled and Eclipse moved to drydock. Shame!

When we talk about barnaclesmost have seen them attached to rocks on the shore, but they also form on marine vessels:

They can actually form quite quickly, but a ship that sits idle is like a magnet for them to come in large numbers and those things are heavy. If you chop the ones seen in this photo in a bowl and weigh them, that’s good enough. Now scale that up to the size of a cruise ship.

Of course, one has to wonder why this comes as a surprise to an experienced cruise line. When a ship doesn’t move much like the Eclipse hasn’t for a long time, this process is a natural consequence. The eclipse should have been monitored for this a long time ago and the corresponding measures taken.

I am currently at the Celebrity Solstice and spoke to the hotel manager yesterday when this topic came up. He mentioned that Solstice had actually just completed a drydock and that this exact procedure plus a hull painting was done after Solstice had been out of service for almost two years, although it had moved around a bit and even made his first trip to Hawaii recently. .

This raises the question of why this wasn’t tracked earlier, just like Solstice did? It looks like complete negligence on Celebrity’s part. The company should know better than to let something like this happen willy-nilly.


Customers and travel agents have been advised that there will be changes to Celebrity Solstice’s first two Alaska sailings from Vancouver, with the first on May 15 having a modified itinerary with respect to port times and second crossing will be entirely canceled because the ship is put in dry dock. Assuming there are no more issues, Eclipse will then continue with the Alaska season as planned.

For some reason, I feel like Celebrity is focusing too much attention on launching their fancy new ship with a lot of PR fanfare, but not paying much attention to their existing ships. The Solstice I’m currently on also had months to be airworthy, but the first thing I discovered in my Aqua Class cabin was a broken shower unit in the bathroom.

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