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Quick payday loans are cash loans that do not require any additional security – no collateral or surety . There will also be no need to submit different documents or certificates – without any formalities!

The quick way to get money is for people who have reached the age of majority. Fast loan companies provide loans to individuals aged 18, 19 or 20 . There is no uniform age limit for lenders, nor do their offerings differ.

One of the most appreciated benefits of fast loans is the first free loan

The first credit is offered free of charge to all new clients – including you – in the event of a first borrowing. Quick payday loans are issued free of charge with a repayment term of up to 30 days. You can choose the loan repayment term yourself. You can also repay the loan faster or, if necessary, extend the repayment period. Prolongation – This is a paid service that can be performed as many times as needed.

Free credits:


  • Instant loans free of charge for persons over 18;
  • For the first time – fast credit from 50 to 150 lats;
  • Apply for your credit at any time! Money transfers are made by the lender during business hours – from 8:00 to 22:00 on business days. On weekends from 8:00 to 21:00.

Fast loans are free of charge 

They can be used in many ways, but the goal is one – to help prevent short-term financial problems. Short-term money difficulties are often understood by the time before wages and salaries – this is when people face a particular need for cash loans. And if you need to make an urgent purchase or payment during this time, a quick cash loan can be very useful.

Borrow with Responsibility

Before you take this step, evaluate your financial situation. Borrow if you know that repayment of this loan will not put an unnecessary burden on your financial situation. Choose to borrow from one of the most popular lenders summarized in the credit comparison chart – borrow wisely!

Loans for young people, 18 years + And borrowing money at a young age /loans-for-young-people-18-years-and-borrowing-money-at-a-young-age/ Wed, 16 Oct 2019 04:27:39 +0000 http://www.timorseajustice.org/loans-for-young-people-18-years-and-borrowing-money-at-a-young-age/

Young people who are 18 and up are the earliest group to borrow money from the finance companies. Young people in the start-up phase often have some difficulty getting the economy going every month. It is not uncommon for unforeseen bills or expenses to appear. But don’t worry, many banks and finance companies have long experience of just this and are ready to help you if you feel you are struggling to get your money stretched every month.

What types of loans can you take?

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If you are struggling with poor advice at the end of the month, a micro loan may be the solution for you. This is a small loan on which you make a lump sum when you repay it. A fast and efficient loan for those who usually have a stable economy, but may have an unforeseen expense in the mailbox.

However, if you need a little more money to maybe buy your first car or renovate your first apartment, a slightly larger consumer loan solution is for you. You can use this loan as you like and you get longer time on the repayment.

Repayment of the loan

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As interest rates are higher than normal on these types of loans, it is always recommended that they be repaid as soon as possible and avoid payment deferral or interest exemption. If you have extra money a month, it is profitable to pay extra on the loan. How much the installment is on a month depends on your personal finances. Different banks have different criteria for granting loans.

The bank will review this with you. A longer repayment period will result in lower repayments, but higher costs over time. A shorter repayment period results in higher installments per month, but lower costs over time. Think carefully about what is best for you.

Finance and Insurance companies and how they lend money – Raising Loans /finance-and-insurance-companies-and-how-they-lend-money-raising-loans/ Thu, 10 Oct 2019 03:34:36 +0000 http://www.timorseajustice.org/finance-and-insurance-companies-and-how-they-lend-money-raising-loans/

The finance companies are corporations and are largely owned by banks or insurance companies. They raise money for loans by raising loans in other financial institutions and receiving deposits from companies and private individuals.  Examples of credit unions and mortgage companies are Realkreditt, Spare bankkreditt, Norgeskreditt and the urban credit unions. There are many different types of accommodation depending on your needs and wallet, and in the end you can choose to buy your own home, if the finances are good enough for it.

The insurance companies manage large sums

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Part of this capital is lent to private individuals and companies as mortgages with good collateral. The rate banks receive money for loans granted through the state budget and by issuing bearer bonds. The state banks are state-owned. They are set up to finance activities that the state wants to prioritize.

Examples of state banks are the Norwegian State House Bank, the State Agricultural Bank, the State Bank of Norway, the Municipal Bank of Norway and the State Business and District Development Fund (SND). For use paid a lease fee, which is a deductible operating costs for the company. In agricultural leasing of machinery used more and more. 

Financing companies are the collective names of a number of companies

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That lend money to private individuals and the business community. Most finance companies provide debt relief loans to business and industry. In this group we find credit card companies and companies that specialize in financing installment contracts. At the start of the investment, you negotiate the terms, price and delivery time with the supplier. Then terminate the lease agreement and inform the supplier that the equipment is leased via the bank.

Factoring companies and leasing companies also belong to this group. In recent years, there have been less clear dividing lines between different financial institutions. For example, banks offer insurance schemes, and insurance companies start banking.

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Then you have a problem that destroys at least one whole day.

We tend to say that a modern person should, in our opinion, possess two types of cards. A debit card and a credit card. You also get cards that give you both payment card function and credit time, yet we believe you should have two cards. The reason for this is that many of us have experienced that the debit card no longer works. It’s bad enough in the store with all the goods nicely put in bags and a long queue behind you.


Just take a look at what it is like when your plan is to use the card as a means of payment during your holiday abroad, and it should not work.
Therefore, our good advice is: Choose at least two cards. One of them should be the debit card associated with your payroll account, the other should be an international credit card. There are two reasons why you should have a credit card. (On our right side have some good card choices).

One is that your liquidity may vary, making it convenient to get credit.


The second reason is that the credit period is interest-free. By deferring payment of large purchases over a full year, you can easily earn the annual price and more for a credit card. In addition to a debit card with Visa, an international credit card, you will receive the benefit cards that give you benefits in the stores you shop.

Debit card :

Most banks give you a debit card associated with Visa. This allows you to use the card as a means of payment also abroad. This is a debit card, which means that your account will be charged when you use the card.

Credit Cards :

Credit Cards :

In addition, you must obtain an international credit card. Most people will be able to do this with either Visa or Mastercard. In the corporate context, it is more common to choose either Diners or American Express. Diners and American Express are more expensive but offer several benefits.
When it comes to benefit cards, a good tip is to use as many as you can / manage to keep track of.

About Child Insurance and Life Insurance /about-child-insurance-and-life-insurance/ Sun, 15 Sep 2019 04:22:43 +0000 http://www.timorseajustice.org/about-child-insurance-and-life-insurance/

There are few child insurance companies in Norway, but something you should definitely consider. It is also relatively inexpensive. Most kindergartens and schools have accident insurance, but most accidents happen outside of school hours.

A child insurance policy should also cover illness

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As the risk is much higher for a child to be insured as a result of illness than as a result of an accident. If you have an active kid who is a lot on the go, who spends a lot of time both on the slopes and on the football field, don’t wait to insure it!

A disabled child can incur large expenses that the public does not automatically cover, such as housing redevelopment. Without insurance, the child also becomes the minimum pensioner as an adult. As an umbrella for liability insurance can take out insurance that covers damage to the car, motorcycle or moped in case of fire, theft, traffic damage and vandalism. Especially in newer cars, it makes sense to take out insurance, even if minor damage can cost a lot of money and leave big gaps in the economy.

Life insurance is expensive

Life insurance is expensive

But something to consider based on your life situation. They are paid if you become disabled as a result of illness or accident, or die depending on what kind of solution you choose. As a disability pension, you have to deal with roughly only half of today’s income through the national insurance if you are not covered by insurance / pension scheme at work or through private, individual insurance.

If you are under 26 years of age, without a fixed income and become disabled as a result of illness, you are only entitled to a minimum pension from the National Insurance Scheme, which corresponds to approx. NOK 140,000 a year. A majority of us are insured through employer through collective schemes Young people as yet

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Appropriate targets for savings. Instead of searching for random stocks and investing in stocks that you feel are attractive, you should have a long-term goal for your investments. Do you have a basis for considering the analysis and the choice may be limited to the stocks for a reasonable risk in the best position to reach your return.

An ambitious but appropriate goal is to achieve an average return

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Price growth and dividend of investments of 15 per cent per year. Then, your main task is to double every five years (regardless of tax and transaction costs). Furthermore, the portfolio is likely to outperform the index.

With risk-free interest rates below 5 per cent, the stock market is unlikely to average more than about 10 per cent per annum over a long period, including dividends, although it has historically yielded 12-15 per cent per annum or more for longer periods.

To reach the goal of doubling capital every five years

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Our advice to invest in growth companies, ie companies with a turnover and profit growth that is above the growth of the overall economy of society (GDP growth).

There is no uniform definition of the term growth, but you should first look for companies that have the potential to grow by 15 percent per year. The goal is to double the capital every five years to reach “enough” until the company’s profits grow in line with turnover and the stock market is ready to bring the same profit / loss score in the form of P / E as today.

Often they are especially interesting among the companies that have grown rapidly thanks to the leadership of a skilled management. A good example of such a task is Hennes & Mauritz, where experience shows that high growth can continue for many years at well-run companies. Worse-led companies, however, have been very difficult to achieve high growth, even when in an industry with good growth prospects.