Carnival Panorama Cruise is the best value for budget and solo travelers

I paid just $437 for my own inside stateroom on a 7 night sail to Mexico on the Carnival Panorama. This rate included accommodation, entertainment, meals and basic drinks such as water, juice, coffee and tea.

My single cabin only had one double bed.

Lori A.May

On my past cruises, I’ve found that interior rooms offer just the right amount of space that I personally need, while paying the lowest possible rate to fit my budget.

My friend and I each spent $304 before taxes for our own dedicated inside cabins. After taxes and port charges, the cruise fare was $437. We also prepaid tips for the week at $97.93.

The rate included unlimited dining, excluding specialty restaurants, all live entertainment, and activities such as trivia, dance parties, water slides, mini putt, and ropes course. The rate did not include alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees or activities on port excursions.

We also added the cost of a 2 day spa pass for $40 per person on this sail as we wanted access to thermal sauna suites and a large hot tub.

For this particular sailing, I booked my cabin seven weeks in advance, so it’s entirely possible to find great rates without planning too much in advance.

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