Broken trays and faulty LCD screens make trips to Tejas tedious | Chennai News

Chennai: The railways are focused on introducing premium trains, but the constant lack of maintenance of onboard amenities continues to spoil the travel experience on elite services like Tejas Express.
Passengers have complained that in-flight entertainment screens (LCDs) don’t work, food trays don’t unfold and are messy, trash cans aren’t covered, and cockroaches have been found in some train cars in recent days.
Regular passengers believe that the railways’ plan to introduce Vande Bharat trains to increase speed and improve travel experience can only be beneficial if onboard facilities are well maintained.
Ravi, who recently traveled with Tejas Express, said: “Railways should focus on smaller things if the passenger experience is to improve.
“The collapsible food tray was broken and fell on my lap. I had to hold it. The bin in the toilet was uncovered and dirty in the E1 coach. Food quality has improved in Chennai. But this is not always the case when returning from Madurai.”
T Sadagopan, who recently traveled in the C11 carriage of the Madurai train, said the collapsible food trays were not cleaned. “There were fungus in the joints and I could see cockroaches.” About 10 screens for entertainment were not working in car C5 of the train from Chennai, he added.
. R Pandia Raja, a member of the Madurai Railway Users Divisional Advisory Committee, said the railways should have a special supervisor on the train so that passengers can handle such issues on the train.
A railway official said repairs were underway.
“The reliability and serviceability of the components is also cause for complaint. People use them roughly too. Internal equipment experiences different wear and different types of people use them. Components must be matched to withstand whatever that.”
In many cases, component standardization is also lacking, he added.

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