Best Movies with All-Female or Mostly Female Ensembles

Films for young adults rarely have the cultural impact of “The sorority of travel pants”, which people are still talking about more than 15 years after its 2005 release. Coming-of-Age movie is a poignant and enjoyable story about four best friends and magical pants that mysteriously fit all of their body types. very different. The teens share the pants, shipping them back and forth, as they spend the summer apart for the first time. Each girl has different lessons to learn and struggles to overcome – which they do, with the support of a special pair of jeans and a special group of friends.

One of the daughters, Carmen Lowell (America Ferrera), must find her place in a stepfamily she barely knows, while another, Bridget Vreeland (Blake Lively), suffers from depression after sleeping with a trainer at a football camp. A third “sister”, Lena Kaligaris (Alexis Bledel), finds love with a forbidden man in Greece, and the last, Tibby Tomko-Rollins (Amber Tamblyn) learns compassion when she befriends a young dying girl she meets in her department store working.

There are men in the movie, of course, but neither of them really matters; it’s about how girls come together to help each other solve their problems (and a little bit about those jeans). “It sounds like a tricky Gap commercial, but this fantastic premise offers a refreshing, realistic look at girls making the delicate transition to femininity.” the BBC wrote in its review of the film.

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