Bangor City Council says yes to American Cruise Line’s return

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – For the first time since 2011, American Cruise Lines will bring cruise ships to the Bangor waterfront this summer.

Bangor City Council voted 8-0 on Monday to approve a 20-year lease with American Cruise Lines.

ACL will pay a fixed rent and mooring fee per passenger during the term of the lease.

Bangor Parks and Recreation Director Tracy Willette tells us the ships are about 200 feet long and will accommodate about 90 passengers.

The vessels will be moored at a heavy vessel quay on the Bangor waterfront for relocation this spring.

Willette says this is the start of a long-term relationship that will benefit Bangor businesses.

“You’ll see both brief stopovers and what they call layovers, so we’re very excited about that and can’t wait to see them back on the waterfront to just add to the activity that goes on every year. there,” Willette said.

“I’m glad it seems to be working,” said American Cruise Lines CEO Charles B. Robertson. “We are in the process of redoing some of our schedules for this summer to start visiting in just a few months.”

American Cruise Lines and the city will develop and share a schedule for spring ship arrivals.

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