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Azur Drones, European leader in autonomous aerial surveillance and inspection, is launching a remote monitoring and detection project for radioactive leaks in nuclear power plants, as well as on industrial sites where there is a risk of contamination.

Azur Drones, based in the Bordeaux region, has announced the initiative with the industrial nuclear engineering company AVNIR Energy and plans to offer the remote and autonomous radiation detection service in France and abroad. The platform will use the patented Skeyetech d’Azur drone-in-a-box package, with the radiation sensor of the ionized zone inspection device (DIZI) from AVNIR Energy integrated into the machine and its system. ‘exploitation.

Skeyetech is an autonomous drone that can perform day and night missions, with or without remote piloting. Azur says it is the first unmanned aerial vehicle platform to receive European approval for over-line-of-sight flights without remote navigation. Rather than simply functioning as a Geiger counter measuring radioactivity levels, the on-board DIZI sensor functions as a scintillation detector capable of detecting, measuring and identifying the composition of radioisotopes.

This combination is intended not only to allow operators to identify radiation leaks more quickly, but also to obtain a much more complete measurement of their intensity and composition from a distance.

The system will be used for regular readings in real time during the autonomous surveillance of the installations by drone. When radiation levels are detected by other means, the Skeyetech-DIZI combo can be immediately deployed to collect comprehensive data from the area. When contamination prevents even protected human intervention, the platform can be used to carry out reconnaissance and continuous site inspection missions as the remediation plans are developed.

The service has already been adopted by an undetermined player in the large French nuclear industry. Azur Drones says it is also attracting interest from other industry players who want to be able to detect and respond to radioactive contamination faster, and with effective and tailored solutions to get started.

“The integration of the DIZI sensor on the Skeyetech solution offers the possibility of taking radioactivity readings at any location on a site in complete safety,” explains Nicolas Billecocq, CEO of Azur Drones. “As a result, we actively participate in the environmental monitoring of nuclear sites and contribute to their safety.

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