American Cruise Lines now offers domestic flights for all US cruises

American Cruise Lines has announced the addition of a new flat rate domestic airfare option for all of its US cruises.

According to a press release, the flat rate pricing includes domestic air service to each of the cruise line’s 19 major cruise hubs in 16 states.

American said its fleet of small vessels has doubled in size over the past five years and now includes explorations in 31 states, from Alaska to Florida. The cruise line said it continues to build new small ships in the United States and expand its land, air and sea offerings each year.

In addition to free pre-cruise hotel stays available on all of their U.S. river cruises, American recently added more than 50 new shore excursions, private cruise coaches that follow riverboats, and shore packages, including options luxury at Four Seasons hotels.

“Our new flat rate airfare is an added convenience when booking small craft cruises with us. As a company, we are always looking for new ways to personalize our customer services, from booking to boarding, and the new flat airfare will create a seamless experience for many of our passengers,” said American Cruise Lines Executive Vice President Carter Robertson.

Guests aboard the 100-190 passenger US ships explore close to home along all-American itineraries. According to the press release, the new flat rate airfare option can be selected at the time of booking the cruise and is not subject to future fare changes.

The new season of American Cruise Lines begins at the end of February and continues until December 2022.

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