Adele personally apologizes to fans on FaceTime for postponing Las Vegas residency


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A handful of Adele fans found luck in Las Vegas when they received FaceTime calls from the star to personally apologize for postponing her residency.

After the “Easy On Me” singer, 33, rescheduled her Weekend with Adele shows, she chatted with a group of fans gathered at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where her first show would have taken place on Friday.

Adele herself reached out to fans to apologize for the late cancellation, which came just a day before her scheduled debut show date. Variety reports that FaceTime calls took place on Friday with fans gathered at the casino.

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During calls, the 30 The singer told fans she would give them free merchandise and offered dates when her residency returns.

LOS ANGELES – OCTOBER 24: CBS has revealed an extended preview and first look at Oprah's exclusive interview in ADELE ONE NIGHT ONLY, a new primetime special that airs Sunday, November 14

LOS ANGELES – OCTOBER 24: CBS has revealed an extended preview and first look at Oprah’s exclusive interview in ADELE ONE NIGHT ONLY, a new primetime special that airs Sunday, November 14

Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Adele

Fans have posted their emotional interactions with Adele on social media, with one fan recounting her saga of trying to see Adele in concert since 2016 before sharing her sweet FaceTime chat with the singer.

Another fan posted their conversation with Adele, during which they comforted her after she apologized for the postponement. “You know what? No worries. We love you,” they told her.

Adele also apologized to fans with a Remark written in lipstick on a mirror in her Caesars Palace merchandise store, according to Weekly entertainment. The message read, “Hi guys! I’m so upset I’m not being with you tonight. But I know some of you are already here, so please hang out and check out the outfits, take pictures of anything you want. Of yourself and with each other!”

The note continued, “There are people in the room that I have worked with on the store and merchandising. There are also members of my management here to show you around. And any of you who needed to coming to the shows this weekend may have a gift on me!I’m sorry again.

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Adele announced she was pushing her residency in a moving video posted to Instagram on Thursday.

“Hi listen, I’m so sorry but my show isn’t ready. We’ve tried absolutely everything to get it on time and to be good enough for you, but we’ve been completely destroyed by the delays. delivery and COVID. Half my crew, half my team are down with COVID – they still are,” Adele began.

She continued: “It’s been impossible to finish the show – and I can’t give you what I have at the moment. I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m sorry, it’s last minute, we’ve been awake for over 30 hours trying to figure it out, and we’re out of time.”

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Adele insisted she reschedule her dates and apologized to fans who had traveled to see her perform in Las Vegas.

“I’m so overwhelmed, and I’m so embarrassed and so sorry for everyone who has traveled again. I’m really, really sorry, I’m really sorry,” she said. “We’re there, we’re going to reschedule all the dates, we’re there right now, and I’m going to finish my show and I’m going to take it to where it’s supposed to be. I’m so sorry it was impossible, we have Been faced with so many things, and it’s just not ready. I’m so sorry.

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