A professor from the Hindu University of Benares will be part of the international ocean discovery expedition and study marine energy resources

A professor from the Hindu University of Benares (BHU) won the opportunity to participate in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 397 in the Atlantic Ocean as a micro-paleontologist (one who studies micro-fossils).

Komal Verma, assistant professor in the department of geology, was invited to be part of the expedition planned for two months, from October to December 2022 and to represent India.

The Indian professor will carry out research aboard the Joides Resolution and a team of international scientists from 17 countries, including the UK, US, Germany, Japan and China, among others.

The Times of India reported that a team of scientists will analyze the potential of marine energy resources. Through international collaborations with eminent shipboard scientists, Verma’s contribution would provide an unparalleled opportunity for advanced research and ocean science education at par with international standards at BHU and in the country.

Department of Geology, BHU

The laboratory of the Department of Geology of the Hindu University of Benares mainly focuses on oceanography and micro-paleontology. It is the center for the study of global ocean and climate change and its impact on marine organisms and related processes.

Reports have stated that many IODP programs are taking place at the university under the supervision of Professor Arun Deo Singh.

What is the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)?

Called one of the most prestigious expedition programs in the world, the IODP is an international marine collaboration that aims to deepen scientific understanding of the Earth’s history through drilling, coring and subsurface monitoring. .

The data collected during exploration helps to understand the evolution of climate, ocean conditions, the origins of the past and the risks posed by geohazards.

“IODP depends on facilities funded by three platform providers with financial contributions from five additional partner agencies. These entities represent twenty-three countries whose scientists are selected to equip IODP expeditions conducted in the world’s oceans. “, we read on its website.

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