“A major change in the game” as the travel ban between the United Kingdom and the United States is lifted from November



SHadow transport secretary Jim mcmahon said that while he supported the removal of the “muddled traffic light system” Labor worried about new variants coming to the country.

He told MPs: ‘Labor called for the simplified international travel system in May, but even with that, no one should believe that the travel industry is now back to normal or that our borders are safer for them. new variants entering the country.

“So although we support the removal of the confusing traffic light system, we still have not seen the country-by-country assessment that would provide assurance that the decision to allow travel is based on solid science and not on politics. “

Transport secretary Grant shapps replied: “It is very difficult to know exactly what the opposition thinks about this. Last year they backed us on isolation measures, last summer he called for a decrease in quarantine , in February, they changed their mind again, wanted every single traveler to go to a quarantined hotel, but in March the shadow chancellor was back saying it should be done on a case-by-case basis.

“But let’s move quickly until May, when the shadow Home Secretary called for a complete hiatus on international travel, only to be contradicted a month later by the shadow Transport Secretary saying more countries should be on the list green and yes, in June he called for the removal of the amber list and in August he was back to saying that there should be no slack in international travel.

“What he seems to be saying is basically what a stopped clock says: It’s true at least twice a day. In his case, at least twice a year, but I’m not very clear how his approach would actually help in any way, shape or form. “


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