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Matt damon is one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors. However, before the “Stillwater” star began to rank high in the Hollywood food chain, he was involved in a number of supporting roles, most of which consisted of one-liners.

At the start of his career, he moved to Los Angeles. Prior to that, he studied acting at Harvard University, but left soon after obtaining roles in films like “Geronimo: An American Legend” and “Courage Under Fire”. Later, Damon began living with his old friend, Ben Affleck, who was also an aspiring young actor from Massachusetts.


The duo auditioned for the role of Todd Anderson in “Dead Poet Society”. The two almost landed the role, but it wasn’t meant to be. The role ended up going to another, Ethan Hawke, whose career took off from there.

Damon and Affleck watched Hawke’s career reach new heights while imagining what their careers might have been like had they gotten the part.

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Another role escapes

After being ignored for the “Dead Poet Society,” Damon and Affleck reflected on their future and what they hoped it would be. They began to question the Common Actor’s strategy of struggling for eons as they waited for a life-changing role to present itself.

Another juicy role arrived, and this time it was Aaron Stampler / Roy in “Primal Fear”. Damon worked really hard to win this role because he knew it was the kind of role that could catapult his budding career. Yet despite his best efforts, the role eventually went to actor Edward Norton.

It was the last straw for Damon. At that point, he realized that the chances of him landing a career-transforming role were extremely slim. Fortunately for him, he already had a role that could change the course of his career, and the career of his buddy, Affleck.

When Damon was at Harvard, he wrote a treatment story about Will Hunting, a self-taught math genius who worked as a janitor at MIT.

After being turned down for “Primal Fear,” he had all the courage he needed to develop his idea further into a screenplay. He named it “Goodwill Hunt”. Damon played Will Hunting while his friend, Affleck played Will’s drinking buddy, Chuckie Sullivan.

His first role in the industry

The actor revealed in an interview that he and Affleck both auditioned for the role, but he got it because he was two years older than Affleck.

He went on to say that the part was due to chance of a legal loophole as he was 17 while Affleck was 15. The loophole indicated that Damon could only work through the night if he was supervised.

Damon appeared in the film alongside his future “Ocean’s Eleven” co-star Julia Roberts. The former played Steamer while Roberts played Steamer’s brother’s girlfriend Daisy.

The actor said that although he only had one line on the show, he showed up for three nights to shoot a particular scene. The almost nonexistent role, however, kept Damon interested in acting and show business.

“The Goodwill Hunt” was Damon’s lucky charm

“Good Will Hunting” won numerous awards at the 1998 Oscars. The film won 9 nominations, including Best Original Screenplay. It was also a box office success, as it grossed over $ 200 million.

Above all, he launched the careers of two relatively obscure actors. Both admitted that they would most likely still be in the dark if they hadn’t taken charge of their careers.

“Actors end up making really safe choices. I never wanted to take this route. If I’m going to come down, I’m going to come down swinging, “Damon said.

Damon’s new movie ‘Stillwater’ means so much to him

Damon broke down in tears after the standing ovation for his new movie “Stillwater” lasted more than five minutes.

“The moment kind of crept up on me,” he said. “There were a lot of things in my head. I was happy that the movie played so well, obviously, because I’m really proud of it and we worked really hard on it – and we held onto it.

quot Stillwater quot Red Carpet - The 74th Festival de Cannes

… It was supposed to come out last year, but the pandemic has changed those plans. So after this long wait, having this kind of reception was really moving, ”concluded the star.

All of this and more is proof that Damon has earned his place in Hollywood, and while it wasn’t a rosy road to go, he’s smiling now, and we wish him the best.


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