A list of 10 unique experiences to live on a cruise.

Travel – gosh…we didn’t all miss it.

I sneakily suspect there are dozens of parents, just like me, yearning for a fun family vacation, something different from a local road trip.

I am VERY ready to expand our horizons once again.

With elementary school aged children who seem to be growing faster than ever, we were looking for a fun, memorable and great value vacation experience – a family vacation that will allow us to spend some quality time together while we relax from our busy lives.

And something that requires the least mental load for me, too, would be incredibly convenient.

This is really where the convenience of cruising is the brilliant option for families like mine.

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The cruise seems to have everything we look for on vacation – super fun activities, world-class entertainment and delicious dining options, and that’s really just the beginning. The idea of ​​waking up to a new destination every day without the hassle of airports or baggage limits, and only having to unpack once, is SO appealing.

Because navigating baggage claim, tight schedules, traversing airports, long layovers…all with kids in tow. IYKYK.

Carnival Cruise Line, the most popular cruise line in the world, returns to Australia this year and it promises endless fun. With stunning destinations like the South Pacific, New Zealand, Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania to choose from – each with their own unique characteristics and shore excursions – there’s actually so much to get excited about when I think of family trips (which we have been waiting for for a long time!).

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