10 Worst Performances In Superhero Movies, According To Ranker

The public rejoiced at the return of The boys for Season 3. Showing the darker side of superheroes, the new season even pokes fun at the MCU, setting itself apart as a gory, action-packed series for mature audiences. Sadly, not all superhero performances are as perfect as Antony Starr’s earnest, unnerving Homelander.

Portraying a superhero or villain requires a distinct and believable personality. These particular superhero roles didn’t match the talents of the actors. From bad casting to poorly written dialogue, these actors couldn’t catch a break, and fans of private soldier voted them as the worst superhero performances.


ten Alicia Silverstone – Batman & Robin

Batman and Robin Alicia Silverstone in Batgirl costume

With several performances from 1997 batman and robin are noted as terrible superhero performances, casting Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl was an odd choice. She was never known for being an action star and is too nice to take on Batgirl’s tough girl image. His portrait was flat and just didn’t match.

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Batgirl’s inclusion in the film wasn’t necessary in the first place. Batman already had a sidekick in Robin. Batgirl should have been saved for a future movie and replaced with someone with a wider acting lineup. Silverstone should stick to what it does best: comedies. She will forever be known as Cher in the iconic clueless.

9 Arnold Schwarzenegger – Batman & Robin

arnold schwarzenegge mr freeze batman and robin

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Mr. Freeze in batman and robin cannot be taken seriously. Between his super cheesy one-liners delivered with Arnold’s famous accent, Mr. Freeze doesn’t present himself as a villain at all. His acolytes even play hockey with the diamond. It’s hard for the public to see it as bad.

Despite Schwarzenegger’s size, he’s not a brooding, menacing villain and hasn’t been used to the best of his abilities. It has a long history of action movies. Some of Schwarzenegger’s best films include The Terminator, Gumand Total recallbut his performance as Mr. Freeze missed the mark and should have been rewritten to better suit his abilities.

8 Pamela Anderson—Barbed Wire

Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire

Although technically considered a superhero movie, Barbed wireThe main character of Pamela Anderson doesn’t have any typical superpowers. She’s a bounty hunter who can kick ass. Although she’s by no means suited for an action role, Anderson would have performed many of the fight scenes herself while dressed in heels and a corset.

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Anderson’s acting skills are lacking, and fans may feel like she’s only being used for her looks. Even with a striptease scene, Pamela Anderson cannot be taken seriously as an actress. The role of Barb Wire may not be for her, but she is very funny and was able to show her acting talent for two seasons on Stacked as a party girl who wants to change her life, find a job in a bookstore.

seven Jamie Foxx – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Jamie Foxx as Electro

His inclusion in the Worst Superhero Performances is unfair to Jamie Foxx. His performance as Max before his transformation into Electro is amazing in The amazing spider man 2. Foxx is just too cool to play a believable nerd. His performance as an electro was perfectly adequate, and he worked with what he had in a one-dimensionally written character.

The problem arises with Electro’s physical appearance. The poor CGI turned Electro into a glowing blue villain that looks cheap. Luckily, Electro’s appearance has been revamped to Spider-Man: No Coming Home, and Electro stole the show from Spider-Man. Jamie Foxx’s performance as Electro was completely redeemed.

6 Matt Salinger – Captain America

Matt Salinger portrayed Steve Rogers in the 1990 version of Captain America. Unfortunately for Salinger, he played a boring version of Captain America. His performance was not captivating to the audience, and he came off as weak instead of strong and confident. Maybe it wasn’t entirely his fault.

Salinger didn’t spend much time in superhero uniform and had very few battle scenes in the film. This is where the costume department failed Salinger. Captain America’s costume looked like a rubber suit with paint thrown on it. It was probably as uncomfortable as it sounded and therefore meant that Salinger would spend as little time as possible in costume and fighting.

5 Halle Berry – Catwoman

Halle Berry in Catwoman

Halle Berry is no stranger to action movies. She even had the experience of playing the superhero Storm in x-men. However, the experience did not translate into putting your ears in catwoman. The poor script and poor direction didn’t work in Berry’s favor and led to a boring re-iteration of Catwoman. Berry was unable to bring excitement and intrigue to the role.

Audiences had yet to expect better written and strong female superheroes. Halle Berry’s performance wasn’t the best seen in the role, but she worked with what she was given. Her career was unaffected by the performance as she still found success taking over Storm and playing major roles in Existing and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

4 George Clooney – Batman & Robin

George Clooney in Batman costume.

George Clooney was cast as the unlikely Batman in batman and robin probably due to his fame on Emergency room back then in 1997. His popularity would likely attract Emergency room fans to the theater to see him as a superhero. His performance was awkward. Being a fast-talking charmer doesn’t translate to being a vigilante in Gotham. Clooney was unable to manage to be dark and brooding.

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Considering the number of poor performances in the movie, the blame can’t lie entirely with Clooney. The dialogue didn’t help any of the film’s actors even though the cast error was an issue. George Clooney’s most fitting roles include Burn after reading, The descendantsand the oceans movies.

3 Topher Grace—Spider-Man 3

Topher Grace as Venom in Spider-Man 3

Topher Grace, as Eddie Brock/Venom, in Spiderman 3 was not his best performance. Fresh off the set after starring in one of the best teen shows, That 70s show, audiences couldn’t shake the image of nerdy Star Wars-loving Eric Foreman. Grace’s portrayal of Venom is more like Eric Foreman cosplaying a villain at a comic book convention.

Compared to Tom Hardy’s Venom, the diffusion error is more noticeable. Although Venom has been severely underutilized in Spiderman 3Topher Grace doesn’t give off the badass vibes and is best suited for funny or dramatic roles unless he’s doing a Chris Pratt-type transformation to become a believable action star.

2 David Hasselhoff — Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD

David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury

David Hasselhoff starred as Nick Fury in the TV movie Nick FuryAgent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 1998. Hasselhoff was already known for his roles in Knight Rider and Baywatch. His casting as Nick Fury was would have been intentional to show a familiar face and encourage viewers to tune in. That’s all Hasselhoff brought to the role.

Full of cheesy dialogue and a tame script, Hasselhoff is over the top in his delivery and never fully believable as Nick Fury. This movie could have been the start of something if it had been cast accordingly. Hasselhoff’s career was unaffected by his performance. He still has a long resume and has been successful in the music industry.

1 Shaquille O’Neal – Steel

Steel Movie with Shaquille O'Neal

An unlikely superhero, Shaquille O’Neal was cast as John Irons/Steel in Steel in 1997. The basketball legend had to fight terrible dialogue and a weak script to become the steel-clad superhero. Audiences should remember that Shaq was first and foremost an athlete, not an actor. Although his performance wasn’t great, he did his best with what he received, which wasn’t much.

Shaq had other memorable roles in movies like Kazam and hubie halloween, but it’s hard to find him believable as a superhero, other than maybe the Incredible Hulk or Thanos. On “The Big Podcast with Shaq“, he turned out to be 6’11”. He doesn’t seem to have the agility and grace to move fast enough to save people.

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