10 Best Action Tropes In Tom Holland’s Uncharted, Ranked

by Tom Holland Unexplored marks the return of the hit action-adventure genre that has been largely sidelined lately due to the popularity of superhero movies. In the film, Nathan Drake travels the world with Victor Sullivan to find lost treasure as he searches for the whereabouts of his brother.

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There’s a lot of action involved, which is presented through the use of several tropes associated with the genre. Unexplored managed to entertain its audience with these shots, and it’s worth analyzing what made the film tick all the right boxes.

ten The power of friendship

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland in Uncharted

Although Nate and Sully were among the best fighters in Unexplored, their true strength lies in the power of friendship. While it’s certainly a cheesy trope, it’s almost always found in action movies between friends and incorporated here as a way to make the connection they had in games.

It was best used in the film’s climax when Sully decided to drop the treasure to save Nate, which saved him from Braddock’s wrath. A series like Unexplored is based on the chemistry of its leads, so invoking that trope never felt out of place.

9 Decoy antagonists

Santiago Moncada looks at a map in Uncharted

Action movies tend to add a late twist in the story when it comes to villains, with one of the tropes being of the fake villain variety. Santiago Moncada was built as the main villain, only for Braddock to kill him halfway to earning true villain status in Unexplored.

It worked well because Moncada appeared as a generic antagonist who was bad for being bad. Braddock picked up the slack as the real threat kept viewers on their toes for the possibility of another twist, while validating the threat Braddock was meant to pose during his presentation.


8 Traitor characters

Uncharted Nathan Drake and Chloe

Almost every character in Unexplored was intelligent to some degree, and they used their battles of wits to stab each other in the back. It’s a trope that worked well in Unexplored since the backdrop was of people running to find a treasure they wanted for themselves.

It was also the focal point of the characterization of Chloe and Sully, who were meant to parallel Nate’s naivety. Their traitorous ways also kept the tension going until the finale for fans to speculate who between Sully and Chloe would end up being loyal to Nate.

7 row brackets

Nate looks at pictures of Sam in Uncharted

Big-budget movies usually feature sequel hooks to lure viewers in for sequels before they’re even lit. Unexplored carried Sam’s possible survival hook, which was confirmed by the ending where Sam was shown in jail waiting to be rescued.

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It was a justified trope due to the many Sam references the movie dished out, with Nate’s journey beginning with his hope of reuniting with his brother. Fans will be interested to see how the story unfolds, especially since the ending reaffirmed Sam’s relevance to the plot.

6 Bash Brothers Dynamics

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan in Uncharted

The bash brothers trope is where two characters come close to their initial animosity. The pair go through a lot of conflict before becoming a fighting duo, and Nate and Sully experienced this trope on their journey to building their team.

The film adapted the trope at best of an action-adventure story, as Nate and Sully battled all the forces of Moncada to claim the treasure. They had to go through ups and downs when Sully initially dumped Nate, eventually becoming bash brothers when they defeated Braddock together.

5 Pre-Asskicking One-Liners

Jo Braddock in Uncharted

There were some memorable quotes to understand Unexplored, adhering to the outlines of action movies where one-liners are the norm. The pre-ass-kicking one-liner is the one that precedes a big fight sequence as a way to announce to viewers that things are kicking into high gear.

The movie brought in some notable jokes, like Braddock’s promise to make Nate pay for foiling his plan and Sully’s taunting Braddock before dropping the treasure sack on him in the climax. the Unexplored The series has always been on the flashy side, so this trope was welcome.

4 Personal rivalries between antagonists and protagonists

Tati Gabrielle as Jo Braddock in Uncharted, leaning against a crate, gun in hand

The best kind of action movies add a personal element to the proceedings rather than the conflict being driven only by monetary benefit. This trope is usually included to make the final clash worth watching, with Nate and Braddock being the ones who will be part of it.

Nate discovered that Braddock was the person who shot Sam, believing that was what caused his brother’s supposed death. The climactic battle had the layer of personal animosity between Braddock and Nate, allowing fans to root for the hero and enjoy the villain’s defeat when it finally came.

3 Improvisation fighting techniques

Uncharted Sully Nathan Drake Swords

This trope has been a staple of action comedy for the past two decades, thanks in large part to the expertise of Jackie Chan who made it popular. Unexplored seen Nate and Sully relying on their surroundings during their fights, throwing things like the Treasure Pieces or sometimes themselves and the bad guys.

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The improvisational fighting style played into the characters’ backgrounds, as the protagonists had no combat training and were basically brawlers who did whatever they could to survive. It was also fun to watch the heroes come up with wacky and creative ways to defeat their enemies.

2 In media resolution

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted

A film that opens with a scene that actually takes place in the middle or towards the end is eligible for “In Medias Res”. It’s a way to embellish the story before it even begins, with the main characters seen in jeopardy to keep viewers guessing how they got to that moment.

Unexplored began with a shot of Nate falling through the sky after being ejected from a plane before transitioning to the beginning of the story. The best thing about the trope is the fact that every game in the series started out exactly the same, meaning it was great fan service on top of setting up the events of the movie.

1 A grand finale

Tom Holland's Uncharted Violence Assessment

Grand Finals are about larger-than-life battles that take place in vast environments with lots of action involved. UnexploredNate and Sully’s heyday commandeered helicopters that transferred two huge ships across the ocean, and it’s clear the movie was meant for jaw-dropping entertainment.

With Nate fighting the mooks and Braddock on the ship while it was airborne, and Sully having to move to the helicopter to commandeer it, the finale pulled out all the stops. The trope is the trump card of action films and the well-directed sequence ensures that Unexplored will not be soon forgotten.

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