Finance and Insurance companies and how they lend money – Raising Loans

The finance companies are corporations and are largely owned by banks or insurance companies. They raise money for loans by raising loans in other financial institutions and receiving deposits from companies and private individuals.  Examples of credit unions and mortgage companies are Realkreditt, Spare bankkreditt, Norgeskreditt and the urban credit unions. There are many different types of accommodation depending on your needs and wallet, and in the end you can choose to buy your own home, if the finances are good enough for it.

The insurance companies manage large sums

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Part of this capital is lent to private individuals and companies as mortgages with good collateral. The rate banks receive money for loans granted through the state budget and by issuing bearer bonds. The state banks are state-owned. They are set up to finance activities that the state wants to prioritize.

Examples of state banks are the Norwegian State House Bank, the State Agricultural Bank, the State Bank of Norway, the Municipal Bank of Norway and the State Business and District Development Fund (SND). For use paid a lease fee, which is a deductible operating costs for the company. In agricultural leasing of machinery used more and more. 

Financing companies are the collective names of a number of companies

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That lend money to private individuals and the business community. Most finance companies provide debt relief loans to business and industry. In this group we find credit card companies and companies that specialize in financing installment contracts. At the start of the investment, you negotiate the terms, price and delivery time with the supplier. Then terminate the lease agreement and inform the supplier that the equipment is leased via the bank.

Factoring companies and leasing companies also belong to this group. In recent years, there have been less clear dividing lines between different financial institutions. For example, banks offer insurance schemes, and insurance companies start banking.