About Child Insurance and Life Insurance

There are few child insurance companies in Norway, but something you should definitely consider. It is also relatively inexpensive. Most kindergartens and schools have accident insurance, but most accidents happen outside of school hours.

A child insurance policy should also cover illness

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As the risk is much higher for a child to be insured as a result of illness than as a result of an accident. If you have an active kid who is a lot on the go, who spends a lot of time both on the slopes and on the football field, don’t wait to insure it!

A disabled child can incur large expenses that the public does not automatically cover, such as housing redevelopment. Without insurance, the child also becomes the minimum pensioner as an adult. As an umbrella for liability insurance can take out insurance that covers damage to the car, motorcycle or moped in case of fire, theft, traffic damage and vandalism. Especially in newer cars, it makes sense to take out insurance, even if minor damage can cost a lot of money and leave big gaps in the economy.

Life insurance is expensive

Life insurance is expensive

But something to consider based on your life situation. They are paid if you become disabled as a result of illness or accident, or die depending on what kind of solution you choose. As a disability pension, you have to deal with roughly only half of today’s income through the national insurance if you are not covered by insurance / pension scheme at work or through private, individual insurance.

If you are under 26 years of age, without a fixed income and become disabled as a result of illness, you are only entitled to a minimum pension from the National Insurance Scheme, which corresponds to approx. NOK 140,000 a year. A majority of us are insured through employer through collective schemes Young people as yet